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This Volume Tool Can Help You Find the Perfect Exit Point on a Stock

June 7, 2022  |  Steven Place

Sometimes, the hardest part about trading is not when you buy…

But when you sell.

What if you sell way too early, leaving massive profits on the table? 

Or what if you're too greedy and don’t take profits when you should… only to have the stock round-trip on you?

We have a great tool inside our Trading Roadmap that can solve that problem.

See, a stock that’s been in a downtrend will eventually start forming a trading base and build out a new group of investors.

If you get enough buyers around the same price, it will build out a “high volume node,” or HVN. 

Here’s what an HVN looks like:

Chart with HVN

Chart with HVN

If the stock traded at higher prices in its previous bull market, there will be another HVN available at higher prices, like this:

Chart with HVN

Chart with HVN

Notice each of the volume profile spikes indicated by the yellow arrows. Those are HVNs.

These levels act as “magnets” — if a stock really starts to breakout, sellers won’t show up in size again until we reach that HVN.

Any given stock is likely to trend in one direction until it slams into another HVN…

Meaning these can be perfect entry and exit points.

I recently spotted an attractive setup forming in this former high-flyer:

Chart with HVN

Chart with HVN

This name has been basing out for a few months now…

If it breaks out, we have a clear HVN (marked in the image above) that will be our “magnet.”

If it reaches that level, investors at current prices could potentially see at least 225% gains on the stock.

Funny story about this stock: I discovered it while looking at one of the shady deals going on in DC. We found a key member of the political elite involved in this company… 

So I wouldn’t be shocked if some new government contracts start heading their way with that in mind.

This Thursday at 1 pm ET, I’m hosting a LIVE webinar to reveal this ticker and explain how investors can set themselves up for the type of profit potential I mentioned earlier.

Click here now to save your seat.

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