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The Secret Roadmap Smart Money Traders Use To Lock In Profits of Over 1,000%

Presented by Dustin Pass & Steven Place
Portrait of Dustin Pass
Dustin Pass
Portrait of Steven Place
Steven Place


The Secret Roadmap Smart Money Traders Use To Lock In Profits of Over 1,000%

Presented by Dustin Pass & Steven Place
Portrait of Dustin Pass
Dustin Pass
Portrait of Steven Place
Steven Place


Welcome to the webinar, thank you for being here today. I’m Dustin Pass of Market Traders and guys, I’ve never been more excited to do a training webinar than I am today…

What if I told you that the big institutional players… the Hedge funds, mutual funds, endowments…

The private family offices that cater exclusively to the uber wealthy…

Are working off of a secret Roadmap.

One most investors know nothing about…

And this Roadmap tells the smart money months in advance where the market is going to go!

In other words, what if stock prices are actually predetermined?

No, not by collusion, or any conspiracy, but by price levels determined in advance by the biggest market players!

Imagine having a Roadmap that tells you at what price to buy a stock, and where to sell it. What kind of advantage would THAT give you?

Well, here’s the kicker... you already have access to this very information and you probably don’t even know it!
You’re about to see the charts and data that prove it… conclusively… beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You’re also going to hear from a friend of mine, and the lead analyst here at Precision Volume Alerts, a true expert who has been profiting from this Roadmap for years!

He and his team of analysts actually know… in advance… virtually all critical price levels so they can trade with a very high success rate for sometimes thousands of percentage points per trade.

It’s truly incredible!

And I had never seen anything like it until earlier this year.

So Steven, are you there?


Yeah man I'm here!


Man, I am really glad to have you on today. And I am just going to fire away. Let's cut to the chase.

I want to talk about March 23rd 2021. And just to remind everyone what that day represents I want to share a chart.

This is what the S&P looked like on that day.
SP500 Stock Chart
It was exactly 30 days after the coronavirus black swan event began.

There seemed to be no end in sight.

In fact, your feed was probably filled with commentators just like this one in Forbes.
Screenshot of a Frobes article titles
That was calling for another 20% fall in a matter of just days! And contrasting an 86% fall from the last depression we had stating this could be worse.

It really seemed like there was no end in sight and no one dared to call the bottom.

But among all the noise, there was a voice of reason.

In fact, Steven, you published an article on that very day march 23rd called “How The Market Will Bottom” and you made a bold prediction.
Screenshot of a Steven's article titles
You said and I quote… “The market will not retest it's lows”
"The market will not retest it's lows"
You said this at a time when we had already seen the market drop further and faster than any time in history.

I mean, you caught the falling knife man. Perfectly!

That was the day the market finally bottomed out.

The bleeding stopped and stocks turned around.

That was an extremely bold call and I am going to need you to explain how in the world you knew?


Look, here’s the thing Dustin, it’s really not that complicated.

You used the word 'ROADMAP' and I think that’s a great way to put it.

Because, think about it: when you’re driving a car from Point A to Point B, you’re not building the road as you go…

You're following a path that has already been charted, right?


That’s how it works! Yes.


So it works the exact same way with stocks.

There is a Roadmap that shows you where prices are going. The road is already built...

It’s there.

It doesn’t tell you how fast prices will get there, but it shows you the destination.

Using that Roadmap, we are able to understand where the indices like the Dow and the SP500 were likely to go.

As you can see here our Roadmap showed 2,178. We actually had this level weeks prior to the sell off.

And as everyone knows. On March 23rd it hit our level... and the rest is history.
SP500 Stock Chart


That was incredibly accurate.


Yeah, it was! And the rebound was crazy fast too!

In fact, it was the biggest 50-day rally in the history of the stock market.

Luckily, my team and I were positioned for it and ready for it. So I won’t complain about making money too fast.


Yeah and thanks to you and this Roadmap I know a lot of people took your advice including myself.

So we were just talking about the S&P 500 as a whole, which is an Index. It tracks the overall market.

But what about predicting the movements and future prices of individual stocks? Can we Roadmap that too?


Absolutely, it’s exactly the same.

Let’s take a look at one…

This is Intel Semiconductors.
INTC Stock Chart
A blue chip stock held within virtually every retirement fund in existence. Nice upward trend here, most traders would be chasing this up because... they are shooting in the dark.

But when you know what to look at, a different scenario becomes clear. What price do you think this is going to drop to?

Sure enough it did.
INTC Stock Chart
So if you knew that was the place to buy, you got in cheap and made a quick 30% profit in under 2 months.

To put that in perspective, that’s how much the stock went up over the prior 2 YEARS. That’s a big win instead of a loss. Just from having the right info, the right roadmap.

And that’s not a fluke. Here’s Caterpillar. Another bellwether stock that tells us the overall state of the global economy. Here is the roadmap when we look at 2 years of data.

Now heading into the same Coronavirus crash, most people predicted Caterpillar would take a big hit, but that isn’t enough.
CAT Stock Chart
A thesis does not make a profitable trade, that requires solid data and analysis.

And was our data right?

Look, it dropped from 150 to the mid 90’s. That’s an even bigger drop than Intel.

And just like Intel, it fell right to our Roadmap target – right there where our histogram sticks out the farthest.

Again, very precise!

The easiest move was to just use that same $90 level as your buy point and get in at the lows.


Seems like whether you’re long or short… you made money either way.


Absolutely. And Dustin, We’re not done.

Here’s Cisco, it was trading around 48/49 before the selloff. And Boom!

Right to 32 exactly like our team knew it would. That’s a 37% drop. Nice little short.

Or… you buy the stock at that $32 target and make a quick 50% on the way back up.
CSCO Stock Chart
Either way… not a bad return for a few weeks.

And here’s Boeing.

There had been lots of news around the 737Max jet fiasco, but does any of that matter?

Once the global slowdown from coronavirus started, it suffered a horrible crash like so many other companies.

But here it is right before that started, and look at what our indicator shows as the downside price target.

Once it started falling, your target was $125. It’s clear as day on this chart.

Look where it settled after the collapse. Right there at your number.

Boeing went up 87% in the next month.
BA Stock Chart


Wow, that is precise.

It seems to me this could be a powerful tool to help anyone avoid losses during market freefalls which are becoming more and more common.

That alone makes it worthwhile. And then when I think about the profit opportunities it reveals, its true power becomes crystal clear. I mean, this is a BIG GUN!


Exactly. Here’s Home Depot. Now, start thinking about how the roadmap can show you where to buy. Not just where to sell.

Once it hit the buy point, Home Depot jumped 78% in just 2 months.

Home depot guys! This stock is the boring of boring. It doesn’t MAKE 78% moves. But once these levels are hit, stocks can move very quickly!
HD Stock Chart


It seems almost like stocks NEED to hit that level in order to trigger the next phase of activity or movement.


Yes exactly. Because that’s where the smart money is going to get involved.

That’s where the *big boys* will buy, and they’re the ones who move the market. It’s very powerful.

But this doesn’t just work on blue chips. Here’s a stock you might not have heard of called Cardlytics. This is a tech company that helps banks find customers.

Now, without the right data, what is going to happen next is not clear. Take a guess.


The obvious call is that the strong uptrend gonna continue on.


Yeah, and most people thought it would keep going above 110.
CDLX Stock Chart
Now using the data that we have to guide our trades, what kind of picture does this paint? Where do you think the stock price might go?


My guess is towards that blue volume profile spike!



Look at how quickly it fell back to our Roadmap magnet level.
CDLX Stock Chart
Based on this, our team recommended this stock as a buy right after it bounced. You could have done that with us too.

We made 527% in a few weeks just buying simple call options.


527% percent is impressive. Especially on a trade that would have wrecked many traders.


Dustin, we structured this trade to get maximum returns off a move that doesn’t seem to allow for that much profit!

That’s what having a Roadmap can do.

When you know EXACTLY where to buy, you maximize your returns. See how powerful it is?


527% lets see… that means a five thousand dollar trade would put $26,000 of profit in someone’s pocket. Their balance would be over $31,000 at the end of the trade.


Yeah, and That’s more than most traders make in a year of trading!

Let’s look at another one.
W Stock Chart
Now, We’ve looked at several stocks that dropped because of COVID.

Yet, there were a few companies positioned for massive moves higher as people were staying at home.

Here’s an example.

During the Coronavirus epidemic, this stock went UP, not down.

Volume profile says…. this thing is going to drop, right? Does everyone see that?

Now, this trade required some patience. But it paid off....

Because once the buy number was hit, you could have ridden Wayfair from 30 all the way up to $180 in just a few short weeks. Look at this!
W Stock Chart


Wow, that’s 500%. On a stock trade?


Yeah… 500% in 2 months on a STOCK. That’s the power of buying at the RIGHT price, which you can only know when you have the roadmap that we use.

And in just a minute I’ll show you how we can structure trades like this to make returns of several thousand percent.


So just to be clear you trade not just because you are bullish on the companies themselves, but because you know that the stocks would go to specific prices?


To be honest, Dustin, I don’t form opinions about companies.

That’s too hard. There are teams of MBA’s and analysts on Wall Street trying to do that and even they get it wrong most of the time.

It’s much easier to look at the data to show me where prices are going.

And when they hit my level, I buy. It’s just that simple.


That sounds much easier!


It is!


So how do you know? I mean, we’ve talked about this secret roadmap of sorts, but what are the underpinnings of all this?


Well, basically we discovered data that shows key prices, let’s call them levels, that the market WANTS to return to.

These levels are magnetic and once you know about them and how to use them, you literally have a Roadmap for your trading that you can use to make incredible profits.

And today, I’m going to show everyone on this broadcast how to do just that.


That would be great, but before we go any further, let me give our traders some of your background so they know why I respect your opinion so much.

Steven is a financial expert and trader who learned his craft working alongside some of the brightest minds in finance. His market knowledge and ability to read the markets made him a much-respected guest on Jim Cramer's Mad Money and he has been invited to speak at the CBOE and NASDAQ because of his straight forward analysis, bold predictions, and most of all, his accuracy at reading markets.

You may have also seen him appear on Fox, BNN and his work has been shared on Reuters, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal.

He is a true expert who quite literally wrote the book, a bestselling book in fact on option modeling doing a deep dive into the Greeks, and we are super lucky to have him with us today.

Did I get that right, Steven?


Yeah... more or less.


I know you’ve helped a lot of people financially through training, coaching, and providing trading signals, but how did you get to that level? What’s your secret?


It’s very simple… I’ve figured out what to tune into, and what to ignore.

I know what data makes me money and I ignore, literally, everything else.

And that’s what a lot of traders are struggling with at first.

They’re using too many indicators, looking at too much news, watching too many markets…

It’s overwhelming.

And it always leads to losses. Once traders can simplify their approach and focus on this roadmap, everything falls into place.

With my approach,I started getting calls to appear on shows like Mad Money …

And Like you said, I made some bold predictions on those shows like when I called the top for Tesla in 2020

And it went exactly to my predicted level.


Hopefully viewers took your advice and made some money off that cal

So what I’m hearing is that you had confidence in that call, but why? What gives you such insight and confidence?...

Because I think you’re right. When traders allow themselves to be mesmerized by the noise from the media, they are in for some hard times. So tell us about this roadmap you’re able to follow..


Exactly. There’s a better way.

... A simpler way.

A way that has handed me some of the biggest trading profits of my life, and ANYONE can do this. Literally anyone. It’s so simple.

This is Adverum - a biotech stock that does gene therapies.

Same pattern. price goes up, volume disappears, the stock starts to fall.

We have a clear volume magnet at around $6.

As expected, the stock fell from 16 bucks to 6 - a nice move of 62% on the downside.

But the easy money was made by waiting… by being patient and buying at $6..

Right before the stock jumped 160%.
ADVM Stock Chart
And with a cheap call option this was a 500% winner!


That’s incredible!


Yeah I can do this all day.

Here’s another one. This is SITEONE Landscape and I really like this trade because it helps illustrate how a trader needs to keep perspective, and not chase the trends, and not settle for a mediocre trade.

Look at the middle of 2018. The stock was trending beautifully - approaching $100 a share.
SITE Stock Chart
OK, once again, what would you do looking at this chart? It’s very hard to tell.


Wow, look at that price target!


Yeah… Dustin, I’m a big believer in waiting for the right buying opportunity. That’s easy to do when you have data that creates a roadmap.

Survey says….
SITE Stock Chart
Wow, look at that price target!

The price hit our initial target around 77. But see that second spike around 58? the second place to buy is in that area.

A year later you’re up 128%. All you have to do is stick to your numbers. If it doesn’t go there, don’t buy it. It’s that simple.

Either the market gives you an opportunity to make a big return or it doesn’t. You can’t force trades.


I agree. A lot of traders, especially in today’s market, find themselves chasing stocks because they don’t want to miss the big move. How do you keep from doing that?


Dustin, here’s what people need to remember. There are over 7,000 publicly traded companies on the US exchanges.

That’s a lot of opportunities. There’s no need to chase a stock. Ever.

There is always going to be another opportunity.

And as long as you structure your trade right, even your SMALL wins could be 100 to 150% gains.

Having the Roadmap is the answer, it makes it a lot easier to be patient and wait for the right opportunity.


Dude! That’s exactly why I wanted you on, because you have that patient, tactical mindset that everyone listening should emulate!


Thanks, Dustin. Yeah the markets are nuts right now, yet you can still make a boatload of money. You just need to avoid making bonehead mistakes like everyone else….

Take a look at this. Look at what happened during the coronavirus pandemic…
Screenshot of a Financial Advisor article titles
Trillions of dollars in wealth was erased faster than had ever been seen in history.

One third of retirement-age Americans liquidated their accounts at the bottom of the selloff.

Right at the lows!
SP500 Stock Chart
Right when the index and all these stocks were hitting those buy numbers… these once-in-a decade buying opportunities...1/3rd of Americans got OUT there! They sold everything! Right when they should have been buying.

Why?... because they didn’t have the right information.

They’ve never seen this roadmap. They didn’t know what I’m showing you today.


Now Steven, you and your team have made some fantastic trades. But I couldn’t believe the profits being made last March and April… right when the market was tanking!

You guys tripled your money on an oil stock when crude prices were going NEGATIVE! The lowest crude oil prices in history! NOBODY was touching the energy sector. I mean… what the heck?


Well, like I said earlier, my team and I tune out everything except the data we need.

And in May, that data pointed to a buying opportunity in Matador Resources.

Insiders started buying it, and our team noticed the stock was bouncing off its point of control – the area where big institutional buyers would start buying.
MTDR Stock Chart
We bought it for $3.79, and in 2 months the stock had jumped to $12, tripling our money. And we made SEVERAL hundred percent on the call options.


Very nice, I love that you can make money in these market conditions. Obviously, these are unprecedented times, but what about in a NORMAL market? I mean things are starting to normalize now, the market completely recovered so what now.


It works just the same.

I’ll show you one. Here’s a chart of Tesla.
TSLA Stock Chart
This was prior to the big coronavirus crash. Without roadmap data, it looks like this, like an overall uptrend… and it was, but be cautious...

With Roadmap data, it looks like this.
TSLA Stock Chart
Our roadmap for Tesla showed a great entry around 220 because that’s the big magnetic price where the big players had been buying at in the past, and would again.

Sure enough, Tesla came down to our 220 mark, exactly where we expected it would turn around.
TSLA Stock Chart
Now let’s stop here and consider what traditional indicators showed for this time period.

Take a look at this chart…

The trend is clearly bearish. The stock was going straight down.

Traditional volume bars showed nothing.
TSLA Stock Chart
It was trading below all its major moving averages. MACD was screaming sell.

There was absolutely nothing to indicate that a trader should get out in front of what was about to be a huge, historic bull run.

Nothing except… the volume Roadmap.

And when Tesla started it’s run, the analysts were sure as heck confused, and the MACD and moving averages only showed that we were overdue for a nasty selloff.
TSLA Stock Chart


So let's talk about what I know you believe to be the best indicator available, and the one you and your team use to the exclusion of all others?


Well first, you have to realize something, and this really is the key. I definitely don’t look at what retail traders look at.

Because I know how the smart money - the big institutional money - influences the market. And...let's face it. Retail traders are just not the smart money.

Retail traders do NOT move markets. In fact, we couldn’t move a stock if we all ganged up and all bought at the same time.

And I know what you’re thinking… game stop and AMC were big moves, but what most people don’t realize is that institutions and prop firms were right in there as well, driving the price higher.

With that in mind, the line on this chart shows where the most volume was traded. It’s called the point of control.
TSLA Stock Chart
This point of control is based on the most popular price, and that popularity is determined by actual transactions at that price. The more volume you have, the stronger the Point of control. Everyone with me?


Yes, keep going…


OK. When we see a price level get popular, it shows us it’s the big traders, the institutional money, the hedge funds, the pension funds, those types of players.

THEY are the groups that truly determine what price becomes magnetic – which we’ve learned is where the prices will return to.

To be successful, you want to make trades where the Point of control is very clear and overpowering. To put it simply, you want to trade WITH the institutional money.

And if you’re looking at the right data, they actually broadcast their moves.

All you had to do was be patient and buy when the price came down to that point of control!

We recommended the TSLA January 20 $300 calls back in October when they were trading for $6.00 each.
TSLA Stock Chart
Three months later, they were worth $210.00 each. That’s a 3,400% return in 90 days.


So looking at data that most retail traders don’t even know exists, which creates this roadmap, is that really your secret?


That’s it in a nutshell.

Well...that’s half of it.

That’s how I see when a stock or the market is going to reverse. The other half is how you *structure* your trades. That’s how you make the big money.

I’m talking about gains of several thousand percent. Not every time, but more often than you’d think.


I can’t wait for you to share it. I know everyone with us will learn a lot when you get into modeling these trades. But first, you said you know what to focus on and what to ignore and filter out.

What specifically do you ignore? Unemployment numbers, the Federal Funds rate, earnings reports? What can traders... “take off their plates” so to speak?


All of it.


I’m sorry?


All of it. Seriously, Dustin. Traders make this way harder than it really is!

Even if you COULD accurately predict monetary policy, inflation rates, GDP growth, employment numbers, bond yields and everything else…

Even if you got all that right... it wouldn’t even matter!

It’s the smart money, the BIG money... institutional traders that move the markets.

All that matters is what THEY think is going to happen. So let them worry about the macro factors and make their decisions accordingly.

Those decisions will show up with our indicator, so you and I can tune it out and just follow the road map!

I mean, look at this. The worst unemployment numbers in history of the US, in just a 3 week span… and stocks rally?

Analyzing the news is completely and utterly pointless.


That’s insane.


Like I said, the Roadmap is all that matters.

If you’re paying attention to the Fed, or economic reports… you’re wasting your time.

And if I’m being honest, 99% of trading indicators are complete garbage. They’re for entertainment.

You’ve got the MacD, stochastics, harmonic patterns, Fibonacci… I mean seriously?
Bars counting from 0 to 90 going up from left to right
A mathematical sequence created in the 1100s… which, by the way, was originally used to calculate the growth of rabbit populations... That's going to predict stock prices in the 21st century? Give me a break.

I could show you hundreds of examples where a news headline about a bailout should have driven the market up, but it went down.

Or a jobs report that should have sent stocks down but they went up.
There’s no rhyme or reason to it.

If you think you’re trying to make money off the news, you’re wasting your time.


Alright well let’s just lay our cards on the table here. Lay this thing out for everyone. Explain the basics of your methodology and... specifically... where your getting this roadmap.


I’m happy to, and it's actually simpler than you might think.

Here’s a typical chart.

The big red and green bars along the bottom show volume at a given point in time. Obviously green is an up day and red is a down day.
Standard Volume Over Time Stock Chart
Those give you just one small piece of the puzzle. Traditional volume indicators can be useful in the right scenario, but good volume indicators are expensive, and they rely on very accurate data. Most people don't have access to what is truly needed to use it properly.

You have a sense of how busy the markets are but it doesn’t give the whole picture. Because you’re only seeing how much activity there is at that point in time, for that trading day.

But think about how any market determines the value of something.

People know what they think something is worth, and they buy or sell at the price they think is fair.

And in any market, people basically vote with their wallets.

And the best way to see those votes is to look at volume by price, instead of time.

Once you do that, a MUCH clearer picture starts to emerge.
Standard Volume Over Time Stock Chart
Let’s take this same chart and put the volume out here on the other axis? Like this…

NOW we start to see something completely different, we see how many people “voted” at each price.

When done right, it shows you the secret price levels that the market participants actually respect. See that?


Yes, but why is a popular price important?


Because.. it becomes gravitational or magnetic. It guides future prices, which is why my team and I can be so confident in knowing where prices are going to go... Does that make sense?


That makes perfect sense!


Good.. Let’s take a look at Disney for example.

As you can see, Disney was already trading at the point of control. It was in the acceptance area chopping back and forth in a tight range.
DIS Stock Chart
That was the smart money buying. They were building out their positions. So we waited patiently for the breakout.

As soon as it happened, Our team recommended buying a very specific option to take advantage of the move higher.

At the time, it was trading for just $1.53.

But a few weeks later, subscribers were able to exit with a 550% gain.
DIS Stock Chart
Now look… the stock only went up 24%. That’s a nice move for Disney, but it’s not gonna make you rich.

We were able to make 550% on the same move. Here’s the secret…

Since I knew where the stock would likely go, I have a unique way to model the trade and choose the perfect call option.

One that would exponentially boost my profits while keeping risk very low. In this case, just $153 per contract. That was our total risk, and we were still able to make four and a half times our money.


Four and a half times your investment! That's a huge profit, so let’s talk about that more. How do you boost a 24% profit to a 550% profit?

Because, I'm just thinking out loud here… but if someone did two or three of those big trades back to back, and reinvested all of the gains into the next trade, their account balance would go parabolic!


Oh yeah, I’ve seen traders turn small amounts of cash into literal PILES of money by hitting a few of these trades back to back.


So you’re talking about using options - puts and calls. For those who aren’t familiar, options are essentially a cheaper way to trade stocks.


Right. Options are much cheaper, so your total investment is going to be much less than if you just bought the stock. And so will your risk.

Let’s say a stock is trading for 20 bucks a share. If you buy 100 shares, you’re in for two-thousand dollars. That’s $2,000 tied up in the trade and $2,000 of risk.

But Call options sell for a fraction of the stock price. In this case, probably about 1 dollar.

So for the same exposure, your total investment would only be 100 dollars. And that’s it. That’s your total risk. Even if the stock went to zero the most you could lose is 100 bucks.

Same trade. Same profit potential. But just 5% of the risk.


So obviously that is a huge advantage for small account traders. A lot of folks aren’t comfortable risking a few thousand dollars per trade. But a few hundred dollars? Very different situation.

But Steven, you’re not talking about just buying any option, are you? Because I think most people know how to do that already. Or at minimum now you can make more money doing that.


No. It’s about picking the RIGHT option… the one that can turn a big gain into a huge one. And doing it without taking on more risk.


Explain that for us. Because that’s really what all traders are after… bigger profits with less risk.


Let me show you an example. And I think you’ll see the benefit of using my AMPLIFY system to maximize profits.

This is a lithium stock called Livent - ticker symbol LTHM.

As you can see, there was huge volume around the $7 area. That’s where the smart money was buying

There’s another high volume area near the top at around $12.50. That’s where they’re selling.

As soon as the stock began to move, we recommended it as a buy. Why? Because there was a darn good chance it was going to that point of control at $12.50. Right?
LTHM Stock Chart
Sure enough, that’s where it went... almost to the penny. But that same move can have very different results depending on HOW you structure the trade.

Most traders choose the at-the-money call option… the one nearest the current price. In this case that would be the $5 call.

It went from $2.50 to $5.10. A gain of 105%. Not bad, right?
LTHM Stock Chart
But look at the $10 call option.

Over the same time period, it went from $0.35 to $2.85 - a gain of 710%.
LTHM Stock Chart
Same stock. Same time period. But since I know where the stock was going, I was able to select the right option to AMPLIFY my return at a much cheaper upfront cost.

So, you tell me… which trade would you rather have?


That’s incredible. 7 times the gain… just from using your AMPLIFY system to model the trade. Basically… just by picking the RIGHT option.

But Steven, tell me something… what if it doesn’t go all the way to your target?


Well it doesn’t matter Dustin. This option was up 150% in the first couple weeks when the stock was only up a dollar… long before it hit our target.

The bigger point here is that you can only do this if you KNOW where the stock is going. That’s the only way to accurately model the trade for maximum gains. That's how these hedge fund managers make so much money.

Dustin, Have you heard of Bill Ackman?


Yeah, he’s the billionaire who runs that big hedge fund… uhhh….


Pershing Square Capital.

He was in the news a while back because he turned $27 million into $2.6 BILLION Dollars in a single trade betting the market would tank because of the coronavirus.
Screenshot of a Market Watch article titles


Yeah I heard about that. How did he do it?


Well as we discussed at the start of this session, the S&P crashed 35%. It was one of the fastest sell offs in history. It took just 3 weeks.

So any trader who shorted the market made about 35%... and that’s if they timed it perfectly.


Right. That would be amazing.


Not for Bill Ackman. Because he and I have the same approach. He did exactly what I do, which is once you find an ideal scenario, you have to AMPLIFY, or JUICE UP the returns.




Well his total investment was $27 million. But you have to remember that he’s managing over $8 billion. So it’s about one-third of one percent of his fund. It’s the equivalent of risking $30 in a $10,000 account. Don’t get me wrong.. It was still a 100,000% return.

But here’s what he did. He used that money to buy derivatives – basically a put option.

He bought them dirt cheap in late February. It was essentially a bet that the market would fall 30% in the next couple months.

No one dreamed that could happen. 30% in a month is unheard of. So these options were trading for pennies.

He bought $27M worth of them.

And within one month, that $27Mil had turned into 2.6Billion.

Dustin, that’s a 100,000% gain!

A 100,000% in a month!

THIS is what smart investors do. They look for massive upside potential that is rooted in the true, important data.

Not BS data that doesn’t matter. When you have the right data, you can then structure a trade to AMPLIFY the return without increasing risk, and when you do it right, it’s a freaking THING of BEAUTY!


Smart guy! You’re finding that sweet spot with the risk reward ratio.


Yes. That’s how I pick and model my trades. The ones I recommend to my clients and now, to my subscribers.

At the start of this webinar, you mentioned that big institutional players move the markets and make billions because they are working off of a secret roadmap that the average Joe doesn’t know about

Well, Bill Ackman’s trade is exactly that, just on a much larger scale.


That’s pretty powerful. I feel like an adult that has just learned to read!


Yeah, I remember that feeling when this all started coming together for me years ago.

Remember… it’s all about the “point of control.”

The big institutional buyers CONTROL the markets, and they draw the price back to that level.

Just like a magnet pulls a metal object towards it. It has a strong pull, and we see prices re-hit these levels again and again, that’s why I think of them as being magnetic.

No matter what outside influences temporarily pull the market one way.. the prices will almost ALWAYS come back to where it had the most volume, the most votes as we said earlier.


OK, but that raises another question. These buy points with the most volume… the point of control as you call it… wouldn’t it change day to day?


Not really, no.It takes months for a point of control to develop, and it doesn’t move around much because institutions have a key range where they will aggressively buy the stock.

Smart money is not emotional. They think longer term. Institutions often spend months building up a position in a stock just to make sure they buy it in a certain range.


So it’s a map of where the real trading is taking place. Where big money is buying and where they’re selling. And the stocks gravitate to these prices. Is that right?




So structuring trades properly pays off huge and everyone wants that! But lets bring it back around to the basics. How can this road map show traders the best entries and exits?


Dustin, think about how much better you would do if you could buy the lows. If you knew the exact price where a stock was likely to turn around.

Let’s take another look at the S&P 500..
SP500 Stock Chart
Say you didn’t have this roadmap and you were trying to figure out where to buy... you would have no idea where the bottom was going to be, and if you hesitated for even a moment, you missed out on massive upside.

If you remember, the market came back FAST. And like my call on March 23rd, we did not retest the lows.

The fastest bear market recovery in history.

You had one shot to get in at the best prices

But almost no one knew when the selloff would end. Nobody bought the low. But what if you had this road map?

Would you have sold at the lows, like so many investors did?

Or Would you have been buying?
SP500 Stock Chart


Wow, that's powerful. The advantage traders would get from the roadmap is pretty obvious. I can see now why you’ve been so successful with your trading.

And that won’t be the last selloff we see, this absolutely is going to happen again and again. What would your account look like if you could call these bottoms like Steven does?

So Steven, let me ask you something. A lot of these examples show reversals. And how the point of control identifies where a particular stock is likely to turn around.

Trending stocks

But what about trending stocks? Ones that have been steadily going up for several years. Can this help you trade those too?


Absolutely. In fact, these are some of my favorite trades.

As they say, “the trend is your friend”. A stock that is going up is more likely to keep going up.
The problem is, you don’t want to chase it. We never want to buy the high. So where do you buy? That’s where the roadmap comes in.

Here’s a stock that tricked most traders. This is KKR.

The stock was clearly trending higher, but you don’t want to chase the price. What you want… is a pullback. A temporary drop that will allow you to buy it cheaper.

The point of control gives you a perfect place to buy.

So instead of paying 28 bucks, you buy it for 18. Plus… when the stock gets back to its highs… where you wanted to buy it initially... you’re already up 50%. That’s how you find a great entry on a trending stock.
KKR Stock Chart


Awesome! I know I keep using that word but this really is awesome!

I love it! I’m so glad to have you on today…


Yeah man… Amplifying profits while reducing risk. That is the key, Dustin.


So let me ask you, when you and your team find these best of the best trades, do you share them all with your clients? Or do you hold some back for yourself?


Oh we never hold back, there’s no need!

We always share our best trades with our members.

I’ve shown you a few of those today. Trades we recommended that returned as much as 3,200%

Obviously I can’t guarantee the same results, yet even if you made half of that, you’d probably add two zeros to your trading account!

Remember that Ackman trade? It was a 100,000% gain! A HUNDRED. THOUSAND. PERCENT.


That’s true and best of all, you and your team would be doing the heavy lifting! You guys do all the research, scan the charts, model the trades, and write everything up for members. All they have to do is place the trade right?


Exactly, just swing when I swing.


Fantastic! So let’s get to what our viewers have been wanting to hear.

We’ve now seen your approach and how volume profile is just obviously common sense

We’ve seen how it works in almost all markets and market conditions. And how ridiculous it is to rely on outdated indicators like Harmonics and Fib levels...

And we see the huge profit potential from your trade modeling to AMPLIFY PROFITS.

So let’s talk about what our listeners should do next to make money using Volume Profile? This must take you an incredible amount of time every week to make this work for you, right?


Yeah... It’s a lot of work. There’s no shortcut or scanner to find these kinds of setups so we have to manually analyze hundreds of charts per week. Which is why we created PVA - Precision Volume Alerts.


So tell everyone about this service, I know you’re dedicated to creating extreme value for your subscribers and clients so let’s get into the details of your service.

Clearly trade alerts are the biggie...


Absolutely, to save traders time, my team and I are constantly analyzing potential trades. And when we see a strong setup forming, we zero in on those and look for ways to amplify the profits for our clients. We are very selective. That’s the key, being selective… that’s the reason we call it “Precision” because we try to be precise and selective.

When we find a trade with all the right ingredients... and my confidence is very high…and it has a great risk/reward ratio, then I’ll release an email to the Precision Volume Alert members recommending the trade.

These email alerts are straightforward and easy to read… and they give traders exactly what they need to enter into profit rich matter what platform they are using


So that’s the core component of Precision Volume Alerts, the alerts themselves


Yes, that’s the single biggest benefit that will help the traders on this call make money with our roadmap


And I know from working with you lately that your trade calls are incredibly valuable. I know your institutional clients pay over $35k a year for you and your team's analysis package. So there is 35k in value right there.


Yeah, for them it's an investment they make back many times over. And I am confident that there are people who sign up today who will end up making that much in a single trade… Even for people with smaller trading accounts, several thousand in profit per trade is within reach, and that adds up quick..


Right, and over a year, that can become hundreds of thousands in profit, potentially.




And your service is on an annual basis, right, so we’re talking about 12 months of your trade calls?


Well Dustin, as you know it took me years to fine tune how to amplify trades to boost my returns by hundreds… sometimes thousands, of percentage points.

But now, it's second nature, and so we don’t issue a trade alert unless it has massive profit potential,

with every trade suggestion rather than just telling to go long or short on a stock, we will include a way to model the trade using options to AMPLIFY your returns, so that’s a huge benefit.


So basically traders just follow your signals and execute using the approach you outline for them?


That's exactly it. Simple. And very profitable!


Can traders get this kind of guidance when it comes to modeling trades anywhere else?


I’ll tell you what Dustin, if you call up your broker and ask for their help modeling this kind of trade, they’ll hang up on you.

If they're polite, they’ll tell you to come back when you have 100 million dollars in your trading account. In other words, if you can’t generate at least 100k in commissions for them per month, they won't give you the time of day.

The service we are providing is elite level guidance which is NOT available to smaller retail traders and is hard to even put a value on..

You see, you can’t just buy any option, it has to be the right strike price, and duration, to maximize profit and minimize risk

Every trade I recommend will include the optimal trade structure.

Each trade is designed to have an upside of several hundred … even a thousand percent or more.


And all people have to do is just follow your simple instructions?


Exactly right.

If a client reached out to me and said, Steven, I want to go long on Tesla can you help me model a call option? I would normally charge a minimum of a thousand bucks to sit down and model their trade. And that's assuming just me and not getting my team involved.

Yet investors pay that because they know I can help them take a trade that might make them 80-150% and turn that into a gain of 300... even 1,000% .


So how many trades can members expect each month?


Members will see at least 4 or 5 but could see up to 10 a month.


Wow so even on the low side that’s a $4k a month value right there. Man that’s $48k a year!

So for those who join today, you’ll be getting all Steven and his teams trade calls. And Steven, You’re also going to give them a way to structure the trade to make the trades yield the largest possible profit, that's huge.

But, tell me something… Is that enough, is that all anyone needs to get the same results you’re getting?


Well, I wish it were Dustin. But in my experience, most traders have a knack for messing up what could be a fantastic trade.


Yes, that's totally true, I see that almost every day. Exiting too soon, or trying to add to their position at the wrong time, or any number of other mistakes.


Human nature being what it is, it's too easy to derail yourself.

Even traders with years of experience can really mess things up by taking their old mindset, and applying it to a proven approach,doing it the way I do it.

I want to make your trading absolutely bulletproof, so we are going to take each trader by the hand through the entire duration of an open trade, and make sure they don’t sabotage their own success.

No matter how long or short that may be, My team and I are going to monitor that position, and issue a brief analysis every week on whether any action needs to be taken.

In some cases, I may recommend scaling out of a trade to lock in some nice profits.

Or... I may tell you to not sell, and to stand firm because I may see that prices are going much higher, and if you make any changes you might be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Whatever the case may be, whatever is going on in the markets, whatever the situation, I am going to provide a clear update to every single positions.

Exactly what actions to take, or NOT TO TAKE, as the case may be. This will keep you on course and make sure you exit the trade with the most amount of money in your trading account.

We call this Position Monitoring and it's invaluable, without it, it's likely you are going to make mistakes by either being too passive, or too active.

This is a Goldilocks bonus, I want you to keep your trades JUST RIGHT.

Making sure you enjoy the maximum amount possible per trade.

This is also a huge plus for people with busy schedules or who work long hours. We do all the work and my team and I will update you with a text message and an email anytime you need to take action. Which frees you up to live your life.


Fantastic, I think that is going to not only help people make money but to be able to relax and settle into the reality of the markets making them money, and avoid self-sabotage. It sounds like you are pretty much going to handle everything except pushing the button on their trading platform.


Precisely. I mean the next step would be managing their money for them which I don’t do but with that in mind... Average advisors cost around 2% on assets under management and 20% of profits. So if you are trading a $100k account to have someone do all this you would be looking at $25k for full management, easily. Again we are not managing your funds. We simply provide you with the best setups we find in the market. Yet this feature is every bit worth $25k.


Awesome! And how will you deliver this portfolio monitoring service?


Short answer... Video. Because it’s important you get the why and the how, not just the what. There will be weekly videos that help you manage your portfolio for maximum gains.


I’m thinking back to that Bill Ackman example. If he didn’t follow his own plan precisely and manage his portfolio carefully, he could have left a billion dollars on the table.


He easily could have, yes, if he let emotions factor into his game.


Totally agree. So folks, you’ve seen the evidence of how powerful a tool volume profile can be, and how Steven has the expertise to turn that data into a printing press of hundred dollar bills.

He has made money for his clients and members; in some cases hundreds of times over
their initial investment. And I am not just talking about experienced traders. Steven has worked with a number of people who have never traded before in their life.

In fact, since the 2020 corona crash, we have seen unprecedented numbers of new traders coming into the market to take advantage of the opportunities from that huge sell off. Many are trading on their own for the first time and maybe that’s you.

If so, I want to put your mind at ease? As a special bonus Steven is going to throw in a 7 Module Options Training course for those who don’t know anything about trading.

Steven, can you tell everyone about this training program?


Sure Dustin, I designed this course to take anyone regardless of experience from zero to hero in no time at all. It covers everything you need to be able to safely and effectively execute option trades as well as provides you with key strategies that only the pros know about.

I normally sell this course for $997 but when you join today it’s included at no additional cost.


I have said this before but its worth saying again. Steven doesn't sit down over lunch to talk about trading for less than $5k. So this is a very valuable bonus that's sure to get even the most novice traders up and running in no time at all.

10x Guarantee $5k value

And perhaps, the most compelling membership benefit of all, is Steven’s personal 10X Guarantee.

Steven, do you mind explaining that for everyone because having a strong, personal guarantee is very reassuring.


I agree Dustin. that’s why I created my 10X Profit guarantee.

Here it is, you make 10 times your investment back, or my team and I work for you for free for a second year.


That sounds awesome, what do you mean by that exactly?


If by following our precision volume alerts, and using our trade structure guidance to maximize your profits, if you don't make at least, at LEAST ten times what you invest today, then we will extend Precision Volume Alerts for you for a second year at no charg.


You’re obviously very confident that people are going to make money with your trades!

Guys, what else in life gives you a ten times your money guarantee?

Steven is there anything you want to add to that?


Yeah Dustin. Look.. 10x I think is well within reach. One because the investment today is a great value, and secondly, its child's play because this is all I do.

And I have a team of experts that help me find the best of the best trades that check all the boxes; that meet all the criteria.

10x return on your investment, to me, is not even in question, I’m that confident.

In fact, its not uncommon to see traders making their initial investment back on their very first trade.


Speaking of first trades, is there something you can provide to really accelerate their profits and earn back their investment in Precision Volume Alerts even faster, like right from the get-go?


Actually Dustin, I’ve got a number of open trades right now that still have considerable upside. I am talking about potential gains of 200-300%.

So, I've decided to provide access to our entire portfolio to everyone who signs up today. Yet people need to move fast because these trades could take off any moment.


That’s perfect because it gives everyone joining the opportunity to make some trades right away, and start playing “catch-up” in their trading accounts, so they can get some wind in their sails right off the bat.


Yeah, a little bit of icing on the cake, so to speak, as a reward for everyone who takes action today. I like the “wind in your sails” phrase, that’s a good way to think of it because once someone gets some forward momentum, and starts building profits, everything in the future becomes much easier.


Ok so for those of you who want to join Steven and are ready to take action, get ready because we are about to give you the link and a way to sign up at a steep discount.

But lets just recap very quickly:

First and foremost: As a PVA member, you get 1 year of access to Steven and his teams trades signals and alerts, that’s the heart of it, and Steven is the guy you want to align yourself with, and that’s a $30k value.

Next, you get Steven’s profit amplifying methodology where he will give you a trade structure to amplify profits up to 1,000%. That’s a $20k value!

Third, Steven is also going to monitor all of the open trades and give you guidance every week by video to help you manage and guide the trades so you stay on track to the highest possible profits. That has a $20,000 value.

Fourth, you get access to Steven’s Options Training program to make sure you are completely comfortable with trading options before you ever pull the trigger on a live trade so no matter your experience level you can take advantage the PVA service, that’s a $997 value.

And to make sure you get started strong and fast, Steven is going to give you all of his current open trades so you can jump in fast and begin making money right off the bat.

And to top it all off you are protected by Steven’s personal 10X guarantee. Ten times your investment back as profits or a second year free. That is a $5k value.

So all together, that's over $80,000 in value.
PVA Product Spread
But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that to work with Steven and the team here at Precision Volume Alerts. We have established a first year membership investment amount of just $4,997.

But because we want to ensure you have massive success moving forward in what is going to be an increasingly complex market to trade, those who register today to trade along with the team here at Precision Volume Alert… we will have a discount of $3,000 off, making it an investment of just $1,997.

You heard that right, $1,997. But there is only one “catch.”

This is only available on the webinar for a very limited number of users, then it stops working.

If we have too many new clients, we can affect the market and it wouldn’t be fair to our members if they miss out on trade opportunities as a result.

The secure link should be in the chat right now, you should also see a button below that. so click that link to be taken to our secure, encrypted order form, where you can register with confidence.

If you prefer to call in, and do it over the phone, we have operators standing by, just call the number on your screen and it should also be in the chat.


Dustin, let me jump in here real quick. I’d like to speak directly to those of you who haven’t taken action yet.

There are two kinds of people listening to us right now. You're either a do-er or a tire kicker. The tire kickers love to listen and learn, but they rarely ever do anything with their new found knowledge and often look for any excuse not to move forward.

On the other hand, some of you are do-ers. You don’t understand everything just yet, but on a high level this makes perfect sense to you, you see how it's worked for our clients, and you are either already signed up or signing up now.

And what I've found is that the do-ers are those who get ahead in life, while the tire kickers don't ever really seem to make any progress.

So before you drop off, ask yourself if you are going to be a doer or a tire kicker. Are you going to just keep up with the status Quo in your trading? How has the status quo been working for you?

Yet, If you desire a massive change in your trading, then it’s time to be a doer, to step out and DO something that could potentially change your life.

And if you are a doer, it's time to call in or click over now and lock in one of the few remaining discounted spots.


Man, Steve, that really hits close to home for me. Let me take you guys back about 25 years. I grew up dirt poor in a little South Georgia town. When I say little, I mean we literally had one flashing red light and a gas station.

I barely graduated high school and didn’t go to college for two reasons. One we didn’t have enough money and two I wasn’t smart enough. Given enough time I can prove both of those things.

So, I ended up turning wrenches at a car dealer in a nearby town and between that and working on heavy equipment that took up about the first 7 years of my life. I was going nowhere fast, I was up to my ears in debt and lived in a dilapidated trailer sitting on blocks that leaned to one side.

Then something happened.

I had a defining moment.

Do you guys know what a defining moment is?

Its something that shakes up your value systems, it changes your perspective on life and ultimately how you live it.

The birth of a child, definitely a defining moment, the death of a loved one, defining moment.

For me it was losing my job.

I lived in the middle of nowhere, had no college degree, barely graduated high school and no job prospects.

I didn’t know what I was going to do but I knew I never wanted to work for anyone again.

By chance I heard about trading the markets. So I met with this guy who called himself a mentor.

He was probably in his mid fifties, a nice dressed business man and here I am in my early twenties grease under my nails and a pedro sanchez mustache.

He told me the training was like 5k. Of course I didn’t have the money to take the course, fund an account and live on so

I told him I would be back. I could see it in his eyes.

That look of “yeah right kid”

But I stopped being a tire-kicker and I took action, I took a chance,

I busted my butt for 3 months doing side jobs, engine swaps, I refurbished a sail boat. Of course I knew nothing about upholstery or wood work so I had to improvise and figure it out.

That's how I learned the power of yes. That's how I learned the power of being a doer.

See, these opportunities kept showing up and even though I didn’t know exactly how I was going to do it. I simply stepped out in faith and said yes, I'll refurbish your sail boat. Yes, I will re-upholster your Cessna plain.

And before I knew it I had made nearly 15k in three months.

I called the Mentor guy back and the rest is history.

That one decision to take action completely changed the stars for my family and me.

My wife and I often look back on that in amazement of how a simple decision, one decision to try something new, completely changed our lives. Today my kids are still 6 and 7 years away from college and it's already paid for, we live debt free in an amazing house on a lake, our vehicles are paid for. I don’t have to answer to a boss which enables me to invest more time in my family and community.

I am not saying this to brag, quite the opposite. I am still in amazement today how it all happened because I am nothing special.

I just know that none of it would have happened had I not said yes!

All that to echo what Steven just said, be a doer today.

Either call in or click over fill out the form and join us today.
When you do you will get instant access to everything we mentioned today. The existing portfolio which has trades in it that you can take action on right now.

You will get several new opportunities a month sent directly to your email and of course we have SMS alerts as well If you would like to receive those.


Now listen, as Dustin mentioned, in 2020 we had unprecedented numbers of new traders coming into the market to take advantage of the crash. A lot of these traders didn't have a clue what they were doing and many were trading on their own for the first time. Some of them made a lot of money on the rebound. Heck maybe you are one of those people.

Of course the market has completely recovered and smashed to new highs… but lets be honest. The honeymoon is over. The easy money is behind us and in order for traders to succeed moving forward they really need to know what they are doing.

And that's one of the reasons we are extending such a huge discount for traders who join us today. We hate to see people struggling in the markets and we believe PVA is the answer to that. So this massive discount is one way we can help to remove one of the major barriers to getting started, which is the amount of the annual registration fee.

And I’ll tell you something else…

Every small group that I’ve been involved in, whether to learn or to lead it, usually sells out very quickly. And let me tell you why...

We understand the power of investing in ourselves and how much it contributes to our long-term wealth. My clients can make back their investment and far more on a single trade!


Right, and with the profits you could make using PVA, $4,997 is a great value, and that’s the price you’ll see when you go to the website. But because we love action takers and want to reward them, we are allowing a very small number of people to get in for just $1,997. But this is only for our action takers, our doers who step up right now.


But you have to take action quickly. when you go to check out on the website and you’ll get a full $3,000 off.

That’s 60% OFF and Dustin and I are both committed to helping traders like you to make money, and you can make a lot of money with this service.

But there is one catch, and it’s this: this discount is only good for a select few who sign up from today’s webinar.


Yeah, let me jump in Steven...

Saving that $3,000 allows you to put that cash to work in the market and follow our team's signals on some of the best trades to be found in ANY market, anywhere in the world.

Because the team here regularly achieves gains of hundreds, sometimes thousands of percentage points.

Jeff is asking about support, he says what if I have an issue do you have customer support and if so how responsive are they.

Guys listen, I’ve been working with my operations team for almost 20 years, and they know my standards for taking care of subscribers and clients. I have a hand-picked support staff available during normal business hours that you can call anytime you need something. And yes you heard that right. We have real live people that you can call on the phone. And If they can't solve whatever issue may come up, or whatever question you may have, then I am available too, and of course, so is Steven.

Speaking of calling in, now is the time to pick up the phone and call our product specialist standing by to take your order and lock in today’s massive discount. .

That being said, I would like to thank those traders who have already signed up and welcome them personally.


Absolutely, I’m excited to start working with you guys to make you some money. Who are they?


So a warm welcome and THANK YOU to:

Timothy from North Carolina, welcome Timothy.

Carl from Maryland, welcome Carl, glad to have you onboard.

Welcome Rosemary. we’re always pleased to see women join our trader circles, so welcome.

Next is Chris H, welcome Chris

Welcome to Patrick from New England

Welcome Maria from Ontario, glad you could join us.

Vincent F, glad to have you onboard

Wow names are coming in fast from my team…
Paul, you’re in like Flynn

Dennis from California, welcome. Glad you could join us.

I’m losing track.

Patricia H from Wisconsin, welcome to you.

And Douglas from Georgia, we are so glad you could join us.

So folks they are coming in fast, you need to move quickly to take advantage.

That's $3,000 dollars we would prefer you to trade with.


And Dustin, We would be doing everyone a disservice if we didn’t point something out. And that is you guys have the option of taking no action at all. Just keep getting mediocre or poor results. You might even be losing money right now with your trading, week after week. How much longer can you stand that?


Listen, $2,000 is a lot of money for some folks. But Joining PVA is an INVESTMENT and this service could potentially make a person tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next 12 months alone.


Dustin, That’s my goal for every new member. And with the 10x guarantee, its a no-brainer, so invest in yourself and we will do our best to help you earn that back in just one trade.


Speaking of which…. Ben from Virginia, just signed up and is ready for his first trade! Ben,Thank you for registering.

Tony from Australia… Thanks for joining us. Tony just got in, and good thing because there are very few spots remaining


I see we have lots of questions coming in too.


Guys listen, I am going to leave you with one last thought. There is a saying I heard years ago. And it goes like this.

You are now and will become exactly what you think about every day. I am going to say that again, Don't miss this.

You are now and will become exactly what you are thinking about every day. Now, I have some homework for you.

I want you to ask 10 people tomorrow “what are you thinking about”

I can almost guarantee the majority of the answers will be “not much” or “nothing”

It's time to get focused, it's time to make a change in your life. It's time to get off your apathy, Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Click over or call in now and join the PVA family.

With that I want to thank Steven for taking the time out of his day to share some of these concepts with us and I of course want to thank all of you for your time as well. I hope you found it a good use of your time and look forward to seeing you action takers in the members area.

Steven, do you have any closing thoughts?


Yeah, Dustin.

Look, options trading can change your life. Whether it changes it for the better or worse depends on if you have a solid trading system. Knowing where to enter, where to exit, and how to setup your trades for the best risk/reward available.

All of that can seem overwhelming… and to be fair, it can be.

With PVA we’ve created these profit-shortcuts to help you get on the fast track for wealth building. You’ll receive our best trades, the entries, the exits, the option selection… we don’t hold a single thing back.

The choice is now yours.

Join PVA today...

And I’ll see you on the other side.

So click over now. Go to the link:

And you can review all the details of the offer.

Again, if you prefer you can call in and we can take your order over the phone (888) 228-2376.
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