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Market Contrarian Who Called The COVID Crash Is Now Warning Investors About…

The “Financial Black Hole” Set To Swallow $20 Trillion Of Invested Wealth

Join Steven Place This Wednesday @ 6 PM Eastern to avoid the coming disaster. You are likely already on your way to ruin and don’t even know it’s coming!

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Revealed On This Free Training:

The Mysterious Market Force That Draws Liquidity Like Iron To A Lodestone…
And How It Can Pull Your Portfolio Into The Black In Even The Bloodiest Of Bear Markets
Why The Fed Is Between A Rock And A Hard Place
How You Can Position Yourself To Profit Whether They Turn Dovish Or Continue The Hawkish Hikes
The Market Roadmap That Paves That Exposes The Price Levels Markets Are Mostly Likely To Hit Next…
Never Guess What Level You Should Buy Or Sell Ever Again!
"The CRISIS will be worse than 1929"
- Carl Icahn

Steven’s Not Alone…

Legends Like Stan Druckenmiller, Carl Icahn, And Jeremy Grantham Are Also Sounding The Alarms…

Warning Of A Looming Catastrophe That Could Destroy Your Financial Dreams…

Unless You Follow This Market Roadmap You Could Lose Everything.

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BONUSWhen you register you will also learn about a stock that is set to launch as a result of the ongoing Ukraine War.
At the rate they're growing, this virtually unknown company could be the leader in a market that's expected to hit $501 billion in 6 years.
Everywhere you look, you see carnage.

But these volatile market conditions produced a parabolic pattern that— if you take advantage before the end of October — could hand you 1,131% gains in the next six months, even if the Fed raises interest rates as high as 4.4%

According to 13-year stock-picking veteran Steven Place…

We’re currently in the final stages of “a redemption window” for 2022 — where…
Share prices of certain crash-proof stocks drop below their actual price before shooting back up for parabolic gains like…

550% On Disney (DIS)

Disney Ticker Chart

710% On Livent (LTHM)

LTHM Ticker Chart

3,400% On Tesla (TSLA)

TSLA Ticker Chart
And dozens more you can learn about on Thursday night.

After tracking this anomaly for 12 weeks, Steve predicts it could slam shut at midnight, October 31st, and it's unlikely we’ll see another opportunity like this until inflation cools.

That’s why it’s critical you get in early.
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During the presentation, Steve will show you …

• A parabolic market pattern that could send four “crash-proof” stocks soaring 1,131% in the next six months… their names and ticker symbols, HOW to buy them, the RIGHT price to pay, and WHEN to sell.
At your fingertips: The 5-minute “precision roadmap” — used by billionaire investors like Warren Buffett, Bill Ackman, Peter Thiel, and more — to determine six months in advance where stock prices are headed… and how it could help you make all the money you’ll ever need, in any market, with almost zero risk.
Why you can follow the news, spend hours researching and analyzing, use the latest software and strategies, copy “armchair gurus,” and still LOSE BIG. Plus, the ONLY signal to focus on to “crash proof” your portfolio no matter what happens in the S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, or any of the market indexes.
• The easiest way to profit from the Federal Reserve’s hawkish moves:  The latest inflation data shows the interest hikes aren’t working. Yet, Fed Chief Jerome Powell keeps making hawkish comments. 99% of investors are scared. Not you, because on Thursday night, you’ll learn how to profit from the Fed’s next move. If they raise interest rates to their 4.4% target, it will be to your benefit.
And a few more “crash-proof insider strategies” to help you take control of your financial destiny and leave your money worries behind for good.
This could be your ONLY chance to celebrate a well-deserved win in a miserable year for 99% of investors. When you register for the free event, you’ll receive an invitation when the broadcast goes live. This way, you can show up early, get all the necessary information, and make your trade before it's too late.
Register today, and take advantage of a rare parabolic pattern poised to return 1,131% gains.
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“The biggest returns will not be found trying to nail the bottom in the S&P 500. Instead, you should focus on names where sellers have cleared out, leaving nothing but a blue sky higher. I’ve identified four stocks that could soar 1,131% in 6 months. This Thursday, I’m hosting a free event to reveal the easiest way to play these names and a zero-risk strategy to leverage your capital for triple-digit returns.”
— Steve Place, HOST, “Crash-Proof Parabolic Stocks.”
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