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The “DAO” Of Life-Changing Profits

September 16, 2022  |  Steven Place

Warren Buffet has a rule that made him billions of dollars… find a winning trend and stick to it.

Buffet did this with the likes of Coca-Cola, WaPo, and GEICO Insurance…

Peter Thiel read Buffet’s play book and copied the same blueprint…

Minting a massive fortune with PayPal, Facebook, and Palantir Technologies…

Now, you’d probably want to miss out on the stomach-in-your-throat fall from the “impossible heights” of 2021…

But, still… you can’t argue with the basic approach right?

Find a developing trend, position yourself early, and never stop never stoppin’.

Okay, keep that in mind and take a look at this chart

DAO Chart

DAO Chart

Same song and dance as so many other growth names, right?

Hard selloff after 2021, but looking to base out and go on another run in the next few weeks.

You can see, clear as day, that our roadmap is giving us signals on where we can head.

But this isn’t some fancy new tech stock or a hot new ETF…

It’s called a DAO– and it’s set to revolutionize the finance markets.

Think about all the hoops to jump through when a company wants to IPO.

You’ve got the underwriters… you’ve got the roadshow… you’ve got Sarbox regulations to work through.

Talk about a migraine waiting to happen…

A DAO sidesteps all of this so companies can get ideas to market faster…

It’s part of an emerging tech landscape called Web3 and it's poised to be the next groundshift in the markets.

DAOs are major trends with massive value to confer to the market.

Being able to deliver new products and services to market, at a lower cost, and a lot faster than ever before…

That’s a value proposition that cannot be stopped!

Not unless an asteroid strikes the Earth and humanity goes the way of the dinosaur…

In about a month, I’ll be speaking with a group of investors about how the DAO landscape is about to shift…

I’ll share some keys for how to position yourself to take on the upside of this long-term mega trend…

I’ll even show you how our Trading Roadmap works like a charm with this exciting new asset class.

Don’t miss your chance to get in on this fortune-making trend:

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LIMITED TIME OFFER - 10% off our service! Use promo code "PVA10OFF" to save up to $200. Learn more or contact us here.