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The $20 Trillion Wealth Wipeout No One Is Talking About, And How To Protect Your Investments Before It’s Too Late

November 17, 2022  |  Steven Place

A few weeks ago, I told my readers about a trader who lost $190,000 in one week.

He thought the market had hit bottom and was confident he’d strike it rich by buying a bunch of Wall Street’s favorite stocks — only to lose $190,000 in a blink.

His retirement plan is screwed, and life has become unbearable.

I bring this up because what happened to him could happen to millions of Americans as a new “$20 trillion wealth wipeout” spreads like wildfire across our financial system.

Stock Chart

Stock Chart

I’m talking about an “invisible wealth eraser” 10x worse than inflation.

It’s set to erase $20 trillion from the stock market over the next 12 months and will plunge millions of hardworking Americans into a black hole of financial pain.

Stan Druckenmiller — the billionaire investor famous for calling the 2020 crash— recently warned the outcome of this invisible threat is “a lost decade for investors.” 

If you’re caught unaware, you wait ten years or more just to break even.

Remember the 2008 financial crisis? 

It cost many their jobs, savings, and homes.

And it took ten years for some to recover their losses. 

A similar story is playing out today, but the stakes are much higher.

That’s why I feel compelled to come forward and warn my readers.

To come out unscathed on the other side of this historic wealth wipeout, with your 401K, IRA, and brokerage account intact, you can’t leave this to your broker or the Fed. 

They’re too focused on "fighting inflation” even to take notice. And everybody knows Biden is more concerned about “protecting pronouns” than protecting our wealth.

That’s why you need to take responsibility for your investments before it's too late.

Tomorrow at 12:00 pm ET, I’m hosting a live broadcast to reveal this new threat and what I’m doing to protect my portfolio and grow my wealth (there’s a massive upside).

I’ll show you undeniable proof that the Fed tragically overlooked the catalyst behind this new threat, and you’ll get the help you need to come out on the other side unscathed. 

Click here to watch the replay.

And feel free to reach out with any questions.

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