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Targeting 8X Upside on a 3D Stock

November 29, 2023  |  Steven Place
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Take a look at this: 

Targeting 8X Upside on a 3D Stock

That’s an anti-junta rebel fighter in Myanmar. 

And that weapon slung over his shoulder? It was made with a 3D printer.

It’s an FGC-9 – a gun specifically designed to be manufactured almost entirely with 3D-printed parts. 

A few pressure-bearing parts still need to be machined from metal, but they’re easy to make.

These FGC-9s can be made for less than $500, not including the cost of the printer. 

So they’re cheap, can be fully assembled in less than two weeks, and despite what you may think, they’re durable, too.

They’re made of a polymer that won’t melt and can take a serious beating.

Here’s the thing: 3D printing innovations may have faded into the background in the wake of ChatGPT and AI, but they never went away. 

My daughter even uses them in her STEM class.

And you’re seeing an ever-expanding need for them as supply chains fail and we move more industry onshore. 

Which is easier? Waiting for some part from China that isn’t guaranteed to be there on time or anywhere close to spec…

Or just whipping it yourself up in an industrial printer, for less money and in much less time?

I think we’re close to hitting another inflection point in this space…

And one company in particular is showing all the signs I want to see in a juicy stock opportunity.

Taking a Shot at a 3D Stock that Could Double Your Money

The stock we’re targeting may look like an ugly duckling… 

Targeting 8X Upside on a 3D Stock

But don’t be fooled. 

This has been a fun… and lucrative trade in years past. I remember when it had a monster run to $95 back in 2013.

Now it’s kinda like the hot football prospect that would’ve been great if he didn’t tear his ACL in his senior year of high school.

The company has diluted their stock, and it recently dropped to new all-time lows. 

But a company director just piled in a quarter million dollars into the stock in an open market purchase. 

He’s buying the blood…

And while we don’t know what he knows, seeing a corporate insider buy near the lows of the year tells me he knows something.

The company did some restructuring last quarter, and I think we could easily see the stock run to $10 just from normal volatility. 

That’d give us a double on the stock…

And the simple option play we’re taking could potentially return 700% if we see that push higher.

I’ve already sent the full trade details to my paid members…

So if you’d like to learn more about how we follow corporate insiders like our friend here to high-potential stock opportunities, click here to watch a free training video where I break it down step by step.

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