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No Matter How Rigged The Market Is, You Can Still Find Profitable Levels

November 22, 2022  |  Steven Place

Whenever you hear how “the market is rigged,”... 

It’s usually because somebody blew up on a trade and wants to blame it on others.

Take crude oil, for example. 

Earlier today, headlines suggested OPEC+ may increase production. 

As a result, crude oil prices get clobbered.

Crude Oil Chart

Crude Oil Chart

But it gets more interesting. 

Barely one hour after oil prices got crushed…

OPEC+ denied any plans to increase production, causing a massive round trip.

Crude Oil Chart

Crude Oil Chart

The result?

Traders who got in or out too quickly sustained painful losses.

And I won’t be surprised if they blamed it on the rigged game.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because no matter how rigged the market is…

You can find profitable levels in any market with the proper roadmap.

Case in point: 

I’ve warned my readers about a black hole (designed by the elite) that will swallow most people’s savings and create a rare profit opportunity over the next six months.

You don’t need to chase the bottom or go bargain hunting to profit from this.

The road has been paved; all you need do is follow the smart money.

Usually, I only share these opportunities with members of my $1,997 trading advisory. 

But I’m doing something special for my readers this Black Friday. 

Check out my analysis of this new opportunity and claim your risk-free trial.

And feel free to reach out with any questions.

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